Metahood Raises $3M to Create Platform for Selling Digital Real Estate in Metaverse

• Metahood has raised $3 million in seed money to create a platform for selling digital real estate in the metaverse.
• The platform will use a map-based interface to display available land plots, give users context about the surrounding area, and highlight sales patterns and local landowners.
• The round was led by Volt Capital, Flamingo DAO, Neon DAO, and 1confirmation, with contributions from Sébastien Borget, John Crain, Brian O’Hagan, and Packy McCormick.

The hype surrounding the metaverse crested early last year, and with it came the potential for people to own digital property and launch enterprises within the space. To make this possible, there needs to be a platform that allows people to buy and sell digital real estate, and Metahood is setting out to create this platform.

Today, Metahood announced that it has raised $3 million in a seed round, with participation from Volt Capital, Flamingo DAO, Neon DAO, and cryptocurrency venture capital firm 1confirmation. The round also included contributions from Sébastien Borget, SuperRare co-founder John Crain, Sorare Growth Lead Brian O’Hagan, and VC and blogger/podcast host Packy McCormick.

The Metahood platform will provide buyers of metaverse land with more context than a general-purpose NFT marketplace. It will employ a map-based interface to display available land plots in relation to those around them, giving users a sense of the surrounding area while highlighting sales patterns, local landowners, and more.

Gwendall Esnault, the creator of Metahood, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “We truly want to provide as much information and context as possible when you acquire land. The metaverse’s current state is still far from the grandiose goals we have, but I think Metahood is an important step forward in that direction.”

The $3 million seed funding will help Metahood create their platform and provide the context and tools necessary to make buying and selling digital real estate in the metaverse a reality. With the help of their investors, they are well-positioned to become the Zillow or Redfin of the metaverse.