Change Crypto Regulation Now or Suffer the Consequences: Kevin O’Leary

• Kevin O’Leary of „Shark Tank“ fame is worried about how the U.S. government is dealing with crypto regulation.
• He says the federal government should implement the right rules to ensure the industry is safe and sound for all.
• He also said it’s important that more action be taken to ensure all crypto companies are running on clean energy.

Kevin O’Leary Worried About U.S Crypto Regulation

Kevin O’Leary of „Shark Tank“ fame has raised concerns about how the U.S government is handling crypto regulation in the country. He believes that policy, rather than any kind of special measures, needs to be implemented by the federal government in order to create a secure and reliable environment for innovation in this space.

Importance Of Clean Energy For Crypto Companies

O’Leary also stressed on the importance of ensuring that all crypto companies are using clean energy sources for their operations. He mentioned his experience of selling his shares in a company which relied on carbon offsets as an example, stating that he sees “the writing on the wall” when it comes to relying on renewable energy sources for mining cryptocurrencies.

Elon Musk’s Attitude Towards Mining

Not long ago, Elon Musk – founder of SpaceX and Tesla – openly expressed his desire for Tesla customers to be able to buy vehicles with bitcoin, causing its price surge in response. His comments have sparked similar conversations among other big names who recognize the excessive amount of energy being used by most crypto miners today compared to third-world or developing countries.

The Need For A Change In Attitude

Given these developments, it has become increasingly important for governments around the world—especially in America—to take quick action against exploiting natural resources dangerously as they regulate this industry further going forward, according to O’Leary’s view point .


It seems clear that both policy makers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts need to come together and create an effective plan that not only ensures compliance but also protects our planet from irreversible damage due to irresponsible mining practices being employed by some entities within this space today.