Beware: FBI Warns of Crypto Scam Targeting Gamers

• The FBI is warning of a new crypto-based game scam
• The scammers offer fake rewards in online and mobile games to trick victims into investing in digital assets
• Victims are lured by false narratives of huge financial returns, but ultimately their wallets are drained by the scammers

FBI Warns of Crypto-Based Game Scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recently issued a warning about a new form of crypto scam targeting gamers. Criminals have created seemingly legitimate gaming apps that promise large financial rewards for completing tasks within the game. In reality, these games are designed to steal digital assets from those who invest or take part in the services offered.

How Does It Work?

Scammers establish relationships with victims online and introduce them to an online or mobile game which supposedly offers cryptocurrency rewards for activities such as growing “crops” on an animated farm. The victim is then tempted with phony rewards and encouraged to add more money into their respective wallet. However, once deposits stop, the gamer’s wallet is emptied and the scammers make off with all the funds.

The Extent Of This Scam

According to the FBI, millions of dollars in crypto have already been stolen through this scheme. The agency warns that this process will likely continue so long as people believe in false narratives promising huge financial returns from investing in digital currencies.

What To Watch Out For

Investors should be wary of any offers claiming guaranteed returns from investing in cryptocurrencies since it is impossible to predict where the market will go given its volatility. Furthermore, users should never provide personal information or sensitive data when corresponding with potential scammers and should contact law enforcement if they think they may be a victim of fraud.


Ultimately, investors must stay informed and vigilant against any suspicious activity when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies as there are always individuals willing to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.